Real Estate

Buying or selling a home can be the largest and most stressful transaction we ever encounter. The use of an experienced real estate attorney can make the transaction go more smoothly and can make the experience less stressful.

I am ready to enter into an agreement for the sale and/or purchase of a home, if and when should I contact an attorney?
Normally, you should contact your attorney prior to entering into an Agreement of Sale, whether you are buying or selling a home. Your attorney can either prepare the Agreement of Sale or review one which has been drafted by a real estate agent. In either case, the rights and obligations under the Agreement of Sale should be thoroughly understood by both buyer and seller since the agreement is a binding contract which should set forth all details of the sale.

What should I do after I've signed the agreement of sale?
If you are purchasing the property and are going to be obtaining financing through a bank or other financial institution, you will need to provide the bank with the Agreement of Sale so that the bank will be able to begin processing your loan application. Once you have received your commitment letter from the bank, you should contact your attorney so that he or she may proceed to conduct the appropriate title work on the property.

Moreover, the bank may require various inspections and/or tests such as a pest inspection, a septic inspection or a survey. The purchaser will also need to contact their insurance agent in order to obtain homeowners insurance on the property. All of a banks' requirements should be set forth in the commitment letter or in the instruction letter to your attorney.

If you are the seller, you will need to contact your attorney so that he or she can prepare a new Deed for closing and review the closing documents.

Finally, a closing will be coordinated between all parties.

There are many variations to the steps necessary to prepare a transaction for settlement. While many steps are similar in each transaction, every real estate transaction is unique and must be treated accordingly, depending on the financial institution and other factors which may arise.

What happens at the closing?
The closing, or settlement, is when the Deed is executed and delivered to the purchasers, thus conveying title to the buyers. In addition, the buyers will sign all financial documents, including the mortgage and mortgage note. The buyers and sellers will sign a Settlement Statement which will reflect all charges, credits and adjustments to the purchase price of the property. Keys are delivered to the buyers at closing as well.


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